Help Us Reach Our Goals!

We are looking for partners to help our cause and foundation to continue to spread the Love and Word of Christ, through the Troy Ellis Foundation. With your contribution we can reach our goal and mission of serving the surrounding area with the Love of Christ through sports outreach.   

Through tournaments, donations, sponsorships and partnering with local businesses, we have been able to raise a lot of resources for youth sports. We have been blessed to be able to help a lot of programs and children meet their goals of fundraising and have opportunities to participate in camps that they would not normally have. However, we need to have a steady stream of contributions so we can continue to support our goals and also broaden our reach. We can’t reach our goals without your help! 

Goals for the coming year include but are not limited to:

  • 6th Grade Trussville Youth Football Banquet Goal 2,500

    • The Troy Ellis Foundation hosts a Football Banquet for the Trussville 6th grade team. All 6th grade football players and Cheerleaders are invited with their parents to have a great night of food and fellowship. We are able to hold the banquet at First Baptist Church of Trussville and are able to bring the message of Jesus Christ and share our love and appreciation of the TYLF.  

  • Youth football camps Goal 6,000

    • The Troy Ellis Foundation hosts free youth football camps during the summer. These camps are open to everyone ages 6-12 in surrounding communities. 

  • Troy Ellis Garden at Cahaba Elementary Goal 5,000

  • Troy Ellis Baseball Tournament Goal 20,000

  • Hewitt Trussville Middle School Helmet decals Goal 1,000 

  • Mortimer Jordan Fishing Team Sponsor Goal 1,000

  • Hewitt Trussville Fishing Team Sponsor Goal 1,000

  • Mortimer Jordan Softball Team Sponsor Goal 1,000

  • Local Youth Sports Partnerships and Scholarships Goal 10,000

Total Yearly Goal (47,000)